Vijay Kumar :: Actor, Writer, Presenter, Director

Born in India, Vijay Kumar made his entrance into this world like many do; from a hospital. From a very early age he took a keen interest in going to local cinemas and theatres with his brother and friends. Following his favourite actors around the circuit as he grew fonder of films, he thought to himself, "why can't I become an actor, in the limelight?".

At the age of just 16, Vijay travelled to England and, after finishing his education, he pursued his dream ambition to become an actor. He joined the London Academy of Acting where he passed with a Gold Medal and an A grade. He then went on to act in theatre with Roundabout Players Productions and was involved in lots of plays with them whilst being trained in England to further develop his acting skills.


vijay kumar with dev anand on the set of main solah baHis dream ambition was to hit it big in Bollywood. After gaining his qualification and experience in acting, Vijay returned to his birth country, India, where he grafted to get work; knocking on the door of a living legend, Dev Anand, who was to give Vijay his first break into the acting scene in Bollywood. Dev Anand and Vijay then went on to work together in four of his home productions.

Vijay returned to England after a working in various films in India and settled with his family in England. Tapping into the Radio/TV Presenting scene, Vijay has accumulated a lot of experience in this field, including over 15 years of Radio Presenting for:

  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • Asian Sound Radio
  • Sky TVs Asia 1 TV
  • Lashkara TV

Vijay was selected from candidates from all over the UK to go through a vigorous training in Film-making with Met Film School/National Film & Television, in London, for their Script 2 Screen Course for behind the scenes skills such as Writing, Producing and Directing, which he has put to good use with a variety of critically-acclaimed short films and features.


Vijay has a wide range of media skills both on stage, in front of the camera and behind the scenes, including:

PLUS: Music Promos, Corporate Videos, Film Production, Event Filming (including Gigs and Photography), Script Writing, Editing and Design Work.

Vijay can provide an inclusive service ranging from script writing, pre-production planning, production and post-production to DVD authoring. Vijay can accommodate a full range of budgets and parameters as we get the best out of all formats from DV to High Definition, Digi-Beta to 16 & 35mm.

Contact Vijay Kumar directly to discuss your requirements for all media-related services detailed above and for Press enquiries.