Vijay has used his scriptwriting skills to create the following short films and feature films (click on the links to download and view offline):

2006 The Unwanted Bride - Download Film (.mp4)
2006 Direct Debit*
2006 Desi Curves (Feature Film)*
2006 Raju*
2006 Poison*
2005 A Fatal Accident - Download Film (.mp4)
2004 Johnny - Download Film (.mp4)
2003 Bombay Beauty - Download Film (.mp4)
2003 Transitional Driver - Download Film (.mp4)

*Yet to be Produced.

Click on the links above to download the full-length films as mp4 files, zipped to reduce the filesize for a faster download. You will need to use Winzip or similar to extract the mp4 files and view the films offline.

Broadcasting & Presenting on TV & Radio

Vijay has Presented on the following Broadcasting Networks:

  • BBC Radio Merseyside - over 500 shows Presented
  • Asian Sound Radio - over 900 shows Presented
  • Asia One TV - Presented a daily show, Gal Baat (Chat Show) (Broadcast on Sky TV)
  • Lashkara TV - Presented shows in Punjabi (Broadcast on Sky TV)
  • ATN - Weekly shows called Movie Masala & East Meets West (Broadcast on Sky TV)

Radio Downloads

Select from the following links to download recordings of Vijay's Radio work: